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A WOMEN’S GYM Fitness Pie

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One on one motivation sessions

For members and nonmembers

Is there something you would like to do but can’t seem to get started? Would you like to lose weight, be your own boss, write a book or find a new career, etc.? Make an appointment for Personal Coaching.

Call (312) 587-8900

$70 - 1 hour

Weight Loss and Maintenance Coaching

For members and nonmembers

If you love to eat, need help with portion control, missing meals or figuring out what to eat, etc., we can help.

If you would like help meal planning with the foods that you like to eat, we can help.

If you would like help sticking to a diet of your choice or doctors prescribed menus etc., we can help.

Talk to a Weight Loss Coach once a week:

Weigh in, discuss and reshape eating habits and behaviors.

Learn how to:

  1. Think to lose weight

  2. Eat to lose weight

  3. Exercise to lose weight

  4. Maintain your ideal weight

Call: (12) 587-8900 to make an appointment

$40 - 1/2 hour, $75 - 1 hour

Personal Training

For members and nonmembers

Personal Training is different or women at A Women’s Gym. When you pay for personal training at A Women’s Gym we understand that we now work for you. Our job is to make sure that every training session you have with us takes you closer to your Fitness Mission Statement (FMS), by giving you workouts that are specific to your goals and your abilities. We also give you advice on what you can do and should not do outside of the training sessions to reach your FMS faster and maintain it.

Here are the top 11 reasons women have purchased personal training at A Women’s Gym.

  1. 1.Word of mouth

  2. 2.It’s a women’s only gym

  3. 3.To make sure they get to the gym

  4. 4.To reach their fitness goals faster

  5. 5.To change eating habits

  6. 6.To prepare for special events - weddings, birthdays, reunions etc.

  7. 7.Health reasons - high blood pressure and cholesterol, to feel better, increase energy lose baby weight, improve posture

  8. 8.Summer attire - shorts, swimsuits, short sleeves, take tops

  9. 9.To learn how to exercise correctly - to help prevent injury

  10. 10.To help an injury heal faster after physical therapy

  11. 11.To learn how to continue to eat to lose or maintain their weight during the holiday seasons.


one hour sessions

Focus on the Stomach

For members an nonmembers

Tighten your stomach inside and out. Learn what to eat and how to exercise to flatten your stomach and keep it that way.

$70 - 1 hour

Focus on Posture

For members and nonmembers

The pressure on your neck, shoulders and/or back may not be stress. It may be poor posture. Do people tell you to stand up straight all the time? When you do straighten your back is it hard to keep it straight? Find out why and what you can do about it.

$70 - 1 hour

Focus on Hips and Thighs

For members and nonmembers

Wear your blue jeans, bikini or anything else you want with slim hips and thighs. Get instruction on how to make your hips and thighs smaller and tighter.

$70 - 1 hour

Focus on Arms and Shoulders

For members and nonmembers

Learn why the backs of your arms are softer than the front and what you can do about it. Get great looking arms and shoulders without getting bulky.

$70 - 1 hour

One on one Stretching Classes

For members and nonmembers

Stretch your body from neck to toe. Enjoy how it feels to stretch your body 34 different ways. It will relieve tension stress and relax your mind. It’s an hour every body needs.


Learn how to use free weights

For members and nonmembers

Learn how to use free weights for in the gym and at home

You will be taught:

  1. Proper form and technique

  2. Proper order of each exercise to prevent injury

  3. How to choose the amount of weight you should lift

  4. How to know when to increase the weight

You will also be given a written routine

$70 - 1 hour

Exercise Prescription

For members and nonmembers

Make an appointment to receive an exercise prescription and receive answers to questions such as:

  1. Do I need a gym membership? Can I just workout at home?

  2. I have a busy schedule how do I incorporate exercise into it?

  3. How many days a week do I really need to work out and how much time should it take?

  4. I want to flatten my stomach and tighten my arms and thighs. How do I do that?

  5. I have a gym membership but I am afraid of the machines, so I just take a class or get on the treadmill. I am not reaching my fitness goals what should I do?

$70 - 1 hour

Our equipment

For members and nonmembers

Not all weight lifting machines are created equal. Just ask A Women’s Gym Members. They brag to family and friends about the smooth user - friendly qualities of the machines in their gym. Janice chose Nautilus 2ST Machines for her members because they have:

  1. A moving axis of rotation - that will automatically mimic your body’s own changing axis of rotation for optimum positioning throughout your entire range of motion

  2. Built in mini weight stacks - to let you increase your weight stack as little as one pound at a time

  3. Hydraulics - that allow you to adjust machine seats and backs while you are standing or sitting to allow your body a perfect fit on every machine.

Our Machine Aerobics Class

Save time, do your aerobic exercising, stretching and strength training all at the same time in this class. Janice teaches this class Saturdays at 7:00 am.

Members attend this class for free.

Nonmembers pay $29 per class or                     $270 for 10 weeks

Body Composition Analysis (BCA)

For members and nonmembers

With the results of your BCA you will know what your daily caloric intake should be and the type of exercise you need to do to achieve the body you want.

Weight alone can be deceiving. Fitness goals can best be achieved with increase physical activity and a balanced diet over an extended period of time. Repeat dieting without enough exercise can actually increase your percent body fat and risk for disease. Don’t focus on the number on your scale. Fit people come in all weights, sizes and shapes. That’s why standard height-weight charts may be misleading. Extra weight may be due to an above-average amount of muscle. On the other hand, it’s possible to be “over fat” even if the scale doesn’t indicate that you’re overweight. Many experts believe that percent body fat is a better measure of physical fitness than weight alone.

Body fat is vital to daily bodily  functions. It cushions the joints and protects the organs, helps regulate body temperature, stores vitamins and is an energy reserve. While health risks are associated with too much body fat, when body fat is too low it’s particularly troublesome for women and young girls. Super - low body fat can lead to problems such as irregular menstrual periods, permanent bone loss and high rate of bone fractures.

The Body Composition Analysis is most useful when done in conjunction with Diet Counseling, Gym Membership, Personal Training and or Exercise Prescription

$45 - Body composition analysis

Peace Officer Wellness Evaluation Report (POWER) Test training at A Women’s Gym

Before police candidates are allowed to enter the police academy they must first pass the POWER test. Training police candidate hopefuls to pass the POWER Test is exciting, fulfilling and one of our favorite training’s to do. These women are willing to serve and protect our community. The cost are the same as the Personal Training sessions. These are the POWER Test fitness entrance requirements for women recruits in the state of Illinois:


Summary of Gym Services for Members and Nonmembers

  1. Weight Loss and Maintenance Coaching

  2.    30 minutes $40, 60 minutes $75

  3. Personal Training

  4.    Check chart below for pricing

  5. Body Composition Analysis

  6.    30 minutes $45

  7. Preparation for the Police Academy’s POWER Test

  8.    $90 per hour

  9. One on one motivation sessions

  10.    1 hour $70

  11.    (Group sessions available also)

  12. Exercise Prescription

  13.    1 hour $70

  14. Learn how to use free weights

  15.    1 hour $70

  16. Focus on your stomach

  17.    1 hour $70

  18. Focus on your posture

  19.    1 hour $70

  20. Focus on your hips and thighs

  21.    1 hour $70

  22. Focus on arms and shoulders

  23.    1 hour $70